Dean River Lodge

Dean River Lodge is an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing lodge. The Dean River, in British Columbia, is world famous for its summer run steelhead and salmon that come into the system from June to October. The Dean steelhead, are some of the strongest of all steelhead stock. This fact coupled with the location being very close to saltwater, guarantees you will experience "tackle-busters". These fish are chrome bright, with all their strength and stamina.

The Dean River Lodge is nestled in a beautiful wilderness setting overlooking the bay of the Dean Channel, with the Gratham Waterfall rushing to drop 1,000 feet in the backyard. Steep mountains of the British Columbia Coast Range capped with glaciers, rise up to heights of 8,000 feet in full view. ?

This lodge is Orvis Endorsed and offers full service, with kitchen, dining room, sitting room, and three cabins to house six guests; two guests each, and a staff of four. Each cabin has its own bathroom, shower, and propane heat.

BC regulations are - single barbless hook, no bait and catch and release for steelhead. We fish for salmon with both spin and fly gear, however most of our anglers fly fish for the steelhead. Our guides’ favorite flies are - Popsicle colored orange, red and purple, Egg Sucking Leech, Squamish Poacher, Purple Peril, General Practitioner, and Black Wooly Bugger. For dry flies we use Wally's Waker, and Steelhead Bee - all of these on number 1-0 hooks.

 We have flies on hand, and there's a tying bench for your use. You will need a 9-weight rod and a good quality reel capable of holding 200 yards of 30# backing.

Select Image to view These famous BC summer run steelhead will weigh up to 30 pounds, coho to 25 pounds, and king salmon to 50 pounds. ?Our guides use a jet boat to place you on the runs. Two guides are supplied for six anglers. Fly out trips for salmon, rainbow trout, and cutthroat may be arranged during your stay?

Peak Times: Dean River Lodge - Steelhead June 15th through August - dry and wet flies catch and release