Ozernaya River

The Ozernaya has been called one of the greatest trout streams of all time; a large spring creek with an unbelievable numbers of large rainbows averaging over 20 inches.  Easy to wade and gin clear, much of the fishing is visual.

The Ozernaya has every single ingredient for large rainbow trout; bugs, salmon, and a large sculpin population. The Oz is also blessed with fabulous runs of silver salmon. These chrome bright battlers, available from early August until the end of the season, are sure to test your will.

Both the Ozernaya and the Two Yurt have modest populations of Dolly Varden compared to many of the rivers on the west coast of Kamchatka. Our rivers do have populations of trophy grayling rivaling any in Alaska, or for that matter, the world. Grayling are wonderful fish for the dry fly enthusiast; they come readily to the surface for any skated caddis during the innumerable seasonal hatches.

The rivers of your dreams wind through the soft fertile valleys of Kamchatka 's interior; they are unspoiled, untouched and exclusively ours.  Unlike Alaska, there is no need to get out at dawn as there is no competition for the prime spots; it is just you and the fish. You will not hear or see other boats or be forced to move as an airplane lines up for an approach on YOUR fishing area. Imagine wading into a calm back channel surrounded by whispering birch trees while pods of rainbows loudly slurp hatching mayflies. This is what your fly fishing adventure is meant to be, a true wilderness experience.  The Ozernaya and Two Yurt offer a myriad of braids as well as main channel runs begging to be explored. Neither of these rivers is affected by rain and the fishing is every bit as wonderful and diverse on the first day of the season as it is on the last.