New Zealand

Felt-soled boots have been banned from New Zealand. ► Please read
Fly fishing for New Zealand's trout often requires skills and techniques unfamiliar to many trout fishermen. Anglers who have fished the flats for bonefish will adapt more quickly. Most New Zealand trout are taken while quietly stalking heron-like along the river's edge. Searching water clear as crystal for any tell-tale hint of trout.

Anglers rely heavily on the well trained eyes and experiences of their professional guide. The top New Zealand guides know the very best waters and which stretches hold the best fish.  Angler's Passport is proud to be the sole US overseas agency representing the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association and only using members to guide our clients. 

Accuracy in casting is essential. Anglers should tone up their skill prior to going to New Zealand. Here you carefully stalk, mostly from the bank, though sometimes while wading, with your guide spotting fish for you.

Dear Mary,
New Zealand is everything I dreamed it would be and more!! I am having an absolutely amazing time: GIGANTIC fish, delicious food, fine wine and great company. Thank you for booking me such an amazing adventure.
Emily Bastian

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Trout may show as a head on a light rock, perhaps a movement or flash, maybe a shadow out of place, a color variation, or the dark line of a tail. Spotting takes a practiced eye. Polarized sun glasses are an absolute must for every angler.

The advantage of clear water makes spotting fish possible, but it is also a major handicap. Get rid of colored vests and red shirts and white hats. Don't show up with a fluorescent yellow or orange fly line. Light and bright should be replaced with dull and unobtrusive. Wear a wide brimmed green or brown hat and vest, and use only dull brown, green or gray lines.

Every kind of fly fishing adventure is possible in New Zealand. Including exclusive fishing lodges or simple bed and breakfasts, live-aboard yachts for blue-water fishing or homestay and farmstays.

Fly fishers soon become addicted to New Zealand style trout stalking, and quickly fall under the spell of this beautiful land. Upon returning home they can only count the days until they return. Angler's Passport would be pleased to help you build a personal itinerary to match your interests and of course, budget. We look forward to working with you soon.