New Zealand Fishing Calendar  

From “The Anglers Guide to New Zealand”


Spring weather throughout New Zealand



The real start of the summer weather, but often windy. Some good dry-fly hatches, particularly in recognized dry-fly waters. Excellent fly fishing and harling on most Island lakes.



One of the least crowded months to fish New Zealand waters up until Christmas Day. Very good fishing on all lakes streams and rivers. Excellent dry-fly and nymph fishing throughout the country.


Stream fishing in both islands, excellent both dry and wet. Some good wet fly and streamer fishing continuing at stream mouths. Both North and South Island streams fish well on drys and nymphs. Popular time for North American visitors.


Usually the hottest month of the year. Weather very settled for fishing. Fly fishing around the stream mouths is very good, both during the day and at night. Great helicopter time for wilderness rivers.


Weather is still warm and settled. The last month of good fishing in mountain streams. Good dry-fly fishing in both North and South Islands. Good fly fishing around stream mouths.


Start of Autumn. Last month of fishing season in most South Island districts. The first runs of fresh spawning trout in the Tongariro River. The best time for fly fishing around mouths of streams flowing into Lake Taupo at night.


This is the time for catching trophy trout in recognized big fish rivers. Runs of spawning fish in Taupo Rivers. Good stream mouth fishing at lakes.


The real start to winter. Last month of fishing season in most North Island districts. Excellent fly fishing on recognized rainbow rivers such as the Tongariro and Ruakituri Rivers. Deep trolling on many lakes in the North Island such as Lake Waikaremoana.